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Consulting stakeholders and the community

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Community consultation

We believe that involving communities from the very beginning of a project is important for achieving great outcomes.

Engagement with stakeholders, including local communities and landholders, is continual and ongoing. At key stages, we also run formal consultations to seek feedback on specific activities or decisions which can be influenced by community feedback.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback as part of our formal consultation during April and May 2020. For more information on our consultation, visit our Get Involved site. We're currently reviewing your comments to help build our understanding of the local area and inform key project decisions. We'll share a report summarising what we heard and how we're using feedback.

We'll keep people informed about developments and further opportunities to get involved to help shape the project as we continue to progress bringing offshore wind to Gippsland.

Landholder conversations

In March 2020, we contacted landowners whose properties may be affected by the project's transmission infrastructure and we're continuing to engage directly with them. At this stage, we do not expect other properties to be affected. Should anything change and we find that other routes need to be considered, we would contact relevant landholders directly to discuss.

Please get in touch with us on 1800 340 340 or email if you've got any questions or concerns.

Community Advisory Group

We’re establishing a Community Advisory Group with people from across Gippsland so we can share information, answer questions and seek local advice as we continue planning Australia’s first offshore wind project. We’re excited to have Gippslanders from Lakes Entrance to Waratah Bay, and from the coast to the Latrobe Valley involved.

We’re pleased to announce Ian Gibson is the independent chairperson for our Community Advisory Group. In this role, Ian will help ensure the smooth running of the group, which will bring people together from across the region. We’re finalising the members of the group and will share information about who is involved over the coming months. Thanks again to everyone who expressed interest in being a part of the group. It was great to receive so many applications from across Gippsland.